How It All Began

Patchwork Group is based in the picturesque seaside town of Still Bay in the Western Cape, South Africa and was the brain child of a dynamic husband and wife team, Kenneth & Janet Gormley.

Kenneth and Janet came up with the concept of creating a number of diverse entities or brands operating under one umbrella Company. These diverse entities were created to encompass a variety of life interests and passions that they have, which range from Art, Crafts and Design to Food and Culinary items. The company’s motto is: Diversity through Creativity.

“At Patchwork Group (Pty) Ltd, we are passionate about quality and natural products. These attributes form the basis of the ethos and values that our company and brands operate on. We believe in making a difference in whatever small way we can, and this is carried through in all the product lines that we produce.” Kenneth & Janet

The ethos and core values that all the Companies that operate under this umbrella need to resonate with are:

Sustainability of raw materials
Recyclability of packaging materials
Low environmental impact
High quality products
No food additives
No synthetic food colourants, fragrances or flavours
No MSG, soya, spice packs, fillers or gluten are added to any food product
And most importantly, that the products are created with love, care and dedication


Founded on environmental awareness and to tread as lightly as possible on this amazingly beautiful planet


Can be used as a rub, a seasoning, a finishing spice, popcorn or snack spice, in a dip or fresh salsa


The variants in the GiNiT Spice Range utilize the post distillation Gin botanicals and spices