Patchwork Group (Pty) Ltd is a family owned company.

We manufacture an array of gluten-free products that taste great, while also aiming to create more Upcycled food products that are totally left field.

Products lovingly tried, tested & created by Gluten-Free people for Gluten-Free people…


World First Product

Utilising the wasted post-distillation Gin Botanicals, we have created a World First Upcycled Culinary spice that brings Gin to the table in a unique flavour sensation.

Under Construction
Savoury & Sweet Pies

A range of All Natural Pies. One of the food items most missed when going Gluten-Free.

Under Construction
Pantry Items

Tasty and versatile, we have products from flour blends to ready made breads, seed crackers, to the South African staples… biltong & dry-wors.

Baked Treats

Cookies, Cheese Crackers, Muffins, Biscotti and more.

Online Shop

Our online portal for all the products we create, and the brand of our future retail kiosk outlets.

NB: this page is still being populated

Gluten-Free products that taste like the products you miss…

Our Mission

Gluten-Free products have a bad reputation of being dry and crumbly, or tasting unappealing.

Since going Gluten-Free ourselves in 2018, we have worked hard to make products that taste like the real deal, as well as satisfy the longing for something decadent. All this without compromising on the quality of the ingredients.